Australia’s infrastructure boom set to continue

Australia’s infrastructure boom set to continue

Cranes are dominating the skylines of our cities.

Beneath the ground, thousands of workers are toiling round the clock to build subterranean motorways.

In between, railway crossings are being transformed. Bridges are being widened. And despite recent concerns over building standards, apartment towers continue their relentless rise.
If you suspected Australia is beginning to resemble a construction zone, you’re spot on.

And it’s here to stay.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Infrastructure Australia warned that $600 billion would need to be spent on public projects over the next 40 years to meet the needs of a population that’s tipped to increase by 23.7 percent to 31.4 million over the same period.

The Coalition Government has already pledged $100 billion over the next decade to a variety of transport, road and energy projects. With the Reserve Bank actively encouraging more investment in this space and studies predicting worsening congestion, that figure could rapidly increase.

But while the demand for large scale works appears to be set, do Australian companies have the means to take advantage of it?

This unprecedented era of construction will require equipment and manpower. And that requires investment.

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